Online Magazine Krawall 14. July, 00
"If any strategy game line can provide the breakthrough for true 3D terrain, TopWare's EARTH series can."
"It will definitely pay to wait for The Moon Project."

Online Magazine Spielmaschine 14. July, 00
"What TopWare showed us in presenting The Moon Project promises to fundamentally alter the real-time strategy genre."
"With its mixture of impressive graphics, exciting story and use-of-use, we might have a real killer title in store shelves this Christmas."

Online Magazine GamesZone 18. July, 00
"The Moon Project convinced us right from the beginning - here's an even better EARTH 2150, a tough feat to pull off."

Online Magazine GameCosmos 18. July, 00
"Thandor, Dark Reign 2, Ground Control. All these games are missing that special something that EARTH 2150 radiated in such abundance, and will continue to shine in The Moon Project."

Online Magazine Game-Over 19. July, 00
"A real-time action-strategy extravaganza like this doesn't come along every day."

2000-06-21 10:44 h
EARTH 2150 Fans Take Notice: "The Moon Project" is Coming in September

TopWare Interactive plans to use its increasingly famous EARTH 2150 brand name as a springboard into the ranks of the big players in the real-time strategy genre. The first step along this road is "The Moon Project", which will be released amidst great fanfare along with several other new titles this September.

Welcome to the year 2150, in one of the darkest chapters in the history of mankind. While the Lunar Corporation, Eurasian Dynasty and the United Civilized States wage ferocious battles down on Earth; on the Moon a secret research project has just been unveiled.

To find out why the Lunar Corporation is so obsessed with this project, the UCS has assembled a giant armada and sent it off to snoop around the lunar landscape. The action in "The Moon Project" runs simultaneously to EARTH 2150 - Escape from the Blue Planet, TopWare Interactive's award-winning RTS bestseller.

As part of the product's kickoff, TopWare Interactive is planning a massive marketing campaign, which will go far beyond a standard product release. The German publisher intends to make the game absolutely "in", by generating a veritable whirlwind in the gaming community. Stay tuned for more details.

World War III and EARTH 3 are two more upcoming titles from the EARTH universe. Both games are based on a new EARTH 2150 engine. This state of the art technology looks set to set new limits and drastically change the face of the real-time strategy genre in the coming years.