2004-09-07 13:15h
Patch 2.1 released! With this patch you could finish the
ED mission 4 again and the BTD bug in the EARTHNET is
The rebalancing ot the multiplayer is also finished.
This version supports the english, french and polish language.
You could download the patch from the following Mirrors:
computer games

Please take attention of the Patch Info during the installation!

2004-02-04 10:54 h
Patch 2.0 released! With this patch multiplayergames in the
EARTHNET against 'Lost Souls'-players are possible!
You could download the patch from the following Mirrors:
Gamer's Hell
3D Gamers
4Players (TMP/LS in one archive)

Please take attention of the 'Patch Info' during the installation!

2000-08-28 14:57 h
New wallpapers are online
English briefings finished
video compositing finished
preperations for ECTS have begun
Achim has bought the new Suicidal Tendencies CD
and will be torturing me all week with the music :o(

2000-08-11 17:51h
UCS campaign nearly finished
Received box design
Rendermovies at 80% complete
Intro built in
German presstour finished

2000-08-01 15:17h
ED-Campaign finished
UCS breifings finished
Manual will have up to 96 pages
Layout for manual started
Ad-campaign running (e.g. PC Games)
Press-tour is being prepared

2000-07-14 16:59h
ED-breifings being finished
UCS- & LC-breifings being written
ED-campaign being tested
New units being tested
Achim's teeth are OK again
Can Earth C make the rain stop?

2000-06-27 11:47h
HiRes graphics being sent from Poland
Box is being designed
Achm went to the dentist yesterday and isn't
in today

2000-06-23 10:33h
Pages will go online at. 11 a.m.
Voice recordings in the studio today
Achim has toothache